About the department

Nigde University Mechanical Engineering Department which was begun of the 1992 period academic life,was connected to Aksaray University in 2006 with graduate and the graduate programs in engineering. It has made important contributions to research and educate scientists. Aksaray University mechanical engineering consists of 5 department such as Mechanics, Construction and Manufacturing, Energy, Thermodynamics, Machine Theory and Dynamics. A total of 5 pieces of research and application laboratory in our department are available. Our department is carried out in two programs, including the second formal education in undergraduate teaching. Academic staff with the basic elements of teaching and research activities; 3 professors, 1 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 1 lecturer and 2 Research Assistants.


By national and international level undergraduate and graduate education, industry technical, administrative and R & D knowledge to take part in the operation and equipped with the experience, continuous with learning habits, entrepreneur, teamwork, capable of producing solutions, research, analysis, and gained synthesis skills, open to technological development, sensitive to environmental and cultural values, which are useful to the country and humanity, engaged in scientific research to improve the community's quality of life and can produce technology with universal thinking authority, broad horizon, is to train mechanical engineers.


Making research, generating new knowledge according to the needs of the country, prepare the ground by publishing them in the implementation, among other institutions is to be a pioneer and a dynamic research and educational institutionsAt the international level in providing training.